Monday, April 15, 2013


I truly LOVE age 3!!  With the exception of her unbelievably ear piercing shriek, everything this gal does is cute.  She is so full of personality.  The way she puckers her lips when she talks makes me want to suck them off her face.  Her little voice and the way she talks...I wish I could freeze that and keep it forever.
Look at that sweet little button face.  It truly makes my heart flutter to look at that picture. 
I am SO grateful child number 2 and now child number 3 can totally and completely entertain themselves.  I say that because child number 1 requires a circus at all times or she is SO BORED!  Its amazing how different they are.  It makes me so happy to see her P.L.A.Y.  

"How old are you Mayci??"
"Ine FREE!"
And please, her new favorite treasures...
the princess slippers.
Love them. So much.  Except when she slips them on first thing in the morning and clomps around the house at 7:30am...

She loves them.  So much so that she insisted on wearing them to bed.  And she really fell asleep with them on.  She cracks me up.

Did I mention how much I LOVE watching her play.
Talk to herself.
Set up her toys.
It truly is my favorite:)

And this is what we do when Mayci asks for funny faces.  After taking the pictures with her and reviewing them, I noticed this shot.  I love her giggly face as she watches me make a fool of myself.

I asked for a happy face, and this is what I got.  She insists on the funny faces:)

I love spending every morning with this little girl.  We have a good 2-3 hours while Wesly naps.  Just us, and she is happy to help me load and fold laundry.  Load breakfast dishes.  Wipe down counters and tables.  Loves helping me make my bed.  Vacuum.   But most of all, she loves playing.  Quietly, with no older siblings teasing her.  And she has me  I now know why my kids are spaced the way they are.

Once they reach this age, I find myself thinking this can't be my last 3 year old.

I need a 3 year old forever.

And thankfully she isn't my last 3 year old...Ive got another that will be playing with train sets in princess slippers in no time:)  Makes me happy.


Laci said...

She melts me Farrs! Just yesterday, Haylee announced that she wants to name one of her girls something so she can call them "JoJo". I die. Guess she's got us all whooped! I'm looking forward to 3 with great anticipation!! Ha!

St. Julien's said...

Love you and your three year old and all your years olds for that matter.

Auntie Elaine said...

She is such a doll.....please give her some belated birthday hugs from us!