Thursday, August 23, 2012

last rendezvous b4 school

Just when you thought the cabin couldn't get any did.
Dad put the yard and landsape in, and it is unbelievable.
We had so much fun playing on the grass, in the sandbox, and enjoying the veiws!

The patio and fireplace is amazing.

The sandbox.  Kids LOVED it.  Never get too hot because it is directly under the deck.
Always available to play in:)

The yard is big enough to have a full feild soccer battle.  Its is the sunset:)

Dad, what an amazing get-a-way.  Thank you for your kind heart and unbelievable ability to share.
We love you.  And appreciate all the toys you let us use:)

This is the only shot I took of people...but a good one I must say. 
Pretty much sums up our trip.  Kids in swimsuits all day...and snackin on something good Im sure!

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