Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I will never get ahead.  Playing catch up is too overwhelming a task, rather Ill post what I have and leave the rest to my HORRIBLE memory.  So far, this summer has been filled with A LOT of sun.  We have enjoyed the Highland Splash Pad, Gramma's pool, 7-Peaks, the parks, bike rides, walks with Maya, Bear Lake, Family Reunions, birthday parties, baby #4 announcements (Im about 5 months) and much much more.  I have been horrible with my camera, but this last weekend I had it with me and I went a lil crazy.  Probably because we were doing something I enjoyed just as much as the kids!

We went camping up in the Uintas.  I am embarrassed to say I have never been there all my life that Ive lived here.  It is unbelievable.  Breathtaking.  A little piece of Heaven.  We had the greatest campsight, filled with places for the kids to run wild and use their imaginations...and EXPLORE.  Rae may have gotten a little carried away with her little imagination....imagination mixed with the anxiety that that poor child has, she was SURE she saw a bear.  Tears, drama, the shakes.  The whole bit.  Truly terrified.

 It was a rock  :)

Karalee may have been just as terrified of the same animal.  She scoured the camp every chance she got for food that was left behind for the bear that she was sure to greet us each night.  Shawn threw some peanut M&M's around her tent in hopes that it would get their tent...not ours:)

All in all...it was SO SO SO SO fun.  I cannot wait to do it some more.  We had some seriously good food, all cooked over the flame, and better yet, some good good company.  Enjoy the pics...I sure did:)

Evan and Austin are best little buddies.  Never a fight, tiff, argument...NOTHIN!  They play so amazing together.  I love their friendship...and I know its one that will last.  Ive had a cousin all my life that has had a lasting friendship...its priceless. 

Unbelievable company in an unbelievable place!

A lil fishin and baseball in the woods NEVER hurt anyone.  Once again, what a breathtaking veiw while fishing.

Picture one:  Alittle for you.
Picture two:  And...
Picture three: A little for me!

Kade was so kind to share his RANCH off his carrot stick.  HA!

Little Mayci Face.  Could you ask for a cuter mess?!?!  Me either.

Mayci did not leave our camping excursion without a few bumps, bruises, and some serious dirt stuck under her nails...and everywhere else for that matter.  On the ride home she did the unbelievable and fell asleep right on my lap.  I was in complete heaven as I stroked her little head and was able to stare at her snoring.  I also snapped a few pictures of her wounds.  She was a champ.  I love camping for every part of it, but love it most for the fact that its the only time you can enjoy being dirty.  For kids...heavenly.

These are some pretty excited faces!  This was the pre-camp clean face.  Making tinfoils, in the camper with Maya, peering out the window asking, "Are we almost there mom?!" a thousand times.  What a fun time!


Crazy Lifferths said...

Best camping trip ever!! I seriously got teary eyed at Austin and Evans pictures!!! Xoxoxo

Auntie Elaine said...

What fun for all of you!! Nothing like being away from the world to create your own little world for a time. Congrats on #4! Hugs to all!

Laci said...

oooh maybe that's where we'll go for the first road trip with our newest toy! :) looks lovely! Wanna join us?? loveya!