Thursday, August 23, 2012

2nd grade!

Here are my treasures.  Well...2 of them:)  Evan is walking Rae to her class
on her first day.  As you can see in Raegans body language...she was a bit anxious.  Mostly
excited.  Me too.  I won't lie and say that I was in tears.  I was so happy to see her off.  She was
made for school.  If she could go 12 hours she would.  Summer was a bit of a
challenge as it went on.  If something wasn't planned Rae would make it clear how BORED she
was.  Anyway...I loved snapping this photo.  These two are really best buds!!

And I know this comes from every mom, but really, she looks SO OLD to me
in this photo.  She is so cute.  And that smile, that face, ugh. Gives me that ol' frog in my throat.
She loves her teacher.  She heard that Mrs. Cox was 'grumpy' sometimes.  So the first thing she said when she got in the car was...'MOM...Mrs. Cox is actually really really nice!'  Made my heart happy.  I told Rae, when she said she wanted to change teachers after hearing how grumpy she was, that she just better be really really good so she isn't the one to make her grumpy!  It seemed to click ok in her head because she didn't ask again.  Thats just how we roll.  Ya get what ya get, and ya don't throw a fit!  (and im pretty sure I said that too:)

I love you Rae.  You really are growing up so fast.  And for some reason, when I think of you while you are away, I do get a little emotional...same as when I write of you.  You have taught me so much as a mom.  Unimaginable amounts of patience, a love that is unspeakable.  I dream dreams for YOU.  You have taught me to pick my battles:)  Let things go.  Embrace characteristics that others may find un-embracable (not a word Im sure). You have taught me tough love is necessary, but so is tender love.  You have made my brain work twice as hard as it ever did in school...times 1000.  You have this ability to know that when you are kind to or say hi to someone that others may not, it is something to be proud of as you tell me of each and every incident.  And each and every time you tell me those tender moments you have, the pride in my heart swells to an almost burst!  I know then that maybe I have done SOMETHING right with you:)  As my first, its been a battle of mine, wondering what I have done, or haven't done, that has damaged you permanently, as you are the product of my first time experience as a mom.  You have been brought to me built in armor of gold and I now believe that every blow you are given, you are able to take.  Maybe thats my way of feeling better about all my mistakes.  I do know that one thing has been consistent-


Like I said earlier, its a love that is impossible to word.  And it will never fail, or falter.  You will always have that from me. 
Atleast you can always count on that!

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