Thursday, July 12, 2012

I was there!!

Thought I would document the fact that Shawn and I were in Brazil together!  I realized I haven't added a single picture of him and I enjoying such a great week together.  It was amazing. 

This is where we stayed for the first few nights.  It was so beautiful.  Aside from the fact that we had NO...I mean water (it was take.your.breath.away. cold water) for showers...I cant complain at all!  It was so amazing!

Here is Shawn, mauling my ear.

Copacabana Beach.  Bliss.

There is Shawn...trying to play with the kids.  He just jumped right in.  Fun to watch.

Surf Comp at Epinema.  Look how gorgeous.

Hottie, on Epinema.

Hottie, at Rio Sul, the infamous mall in Rio.  We werent as facinated with the mall after the kind of taxi ride we had getting to and from it.  Most unbelievable driving I have ever had the chance of experiencing.  Trudy and I just braced ourselves.  We didnt want to get ripped off, so we told the driver that he was to take us home in the same amount of time if took for us to get there...5 minutes...5 minutos we said.  He didnt speak English...but you could clearly tell he was trying to tell us it will be a little longer...and in telling us that, he was driving with panic and fear and anxiety, trying his darndest to get us back in the time we required of him.  I tried my best to tell him to calm down, but he kept on goin with his unknown language and panic, until we arrived.  Alive.  Barely breathing.  Poor guy.

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Auntie Elaine said...

I'm SO glad (and jealous) you could get away together!