Thursday, July 12, 2012

Onto Kindergarten...What?!?

I managed to bring my camera with me on this very special proud of myself.  This is the day Evan graduated from his beloved preschool.  Watching him, or any of my kids, in progams, somehow makes me emotional.  Why?  Evan is so different from Raegan when it comes to performing...he actually participates.  Its always been that way.  I still remember going to nursery and watching him sing to all the songs with all the hand movements and everything.  I was stunned.  Rae never ever did that.  She would prefer to observe.  Anyway, it was fun to watch him participate.

Standing amongst all his little buddies.  He is one handsome dude if I say so myself!

I love you Evan.  Congrats on growing up and graduating from Preschool.  The teachers said you were a joy to have in the class...and I believe them:)

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Auntie Elaine said...

Congrats - what a cute - big guy!