Thursday, October 28, 2010

Never gonna catch up...

So, I never really got around to posting all summer long. I'm kind of tired of always trying to play catch up! (this is it...then I MUST live and post in the present:)

We had an emotional, fun, exhausting, and busy summer...

My sister was on bed rest with a serious and scary situation. And my sister-in-law and her family put our never used basement to GOOD use:) That was my summer:)

SO...Rachel. While on bed rest there was not much I could do for her but visit her, and I tried to be with her as much as possible especially with the condition she was in. But I must say, it was emotionally exhausting and sometimes physically exhausting with the late night visits, but through it all, I CANT COMPLAIN! And feel really stupid even saying it was exhausting from MY end...but it was. I found myself on my knees a lot, in tears a lot.

But, here we are now, in a much better place. A MUCH better place. Miraculous. And so blessed. Beyond blessed.

And then Laci, my sis-in-law, and her little family of 4 girls and 1 boy on the the time....were in the process of moving from Cedar City to somewhere here in Ut County. And in the process and before their move, her two oldest girls tried out for some really good club teams here in Ut County and MADE them. So, Laci's little fam made the trek WHO KNOWS how many times from Cedar City here to attend practices, tournies, games, scrimmages, house hunting, and so forth. And we had the opportunity to 'house' them during their 'transition'.

We got to tag along with them and hang out with them A LOT! We even got to have Haylee AND Madi stay behind with us so that Laci could take care of her life in Cedar. I got to know this little family well and I must say...Im glad to call them FAMILY. Her girls are awesome. They are so so good with my kids and my kids worship them. We are happy that they are finally here, and settled!

The following pics are random, but Madi, she truly is the 'baby-whisperer'. I can't count how many times she has put my little Mayci to sleep. She is amazing! When we hang out with this family, its like hiring little baby sitters! They all come running for Mayci, rip her out of my arms, and I wont see her for HOURS. Literally. They are SO great. In fact, Im starting to feel guilty about it, so at the Vball games, I now give them a dollar a game (CHEAPSKATE) ha.

And despite Raegans NEED for personal space, I thought she did really well all summer. She definitely had her moments, but for the most part, she loved having 'visitors' and sleepovers all summer! When they moved in to their home in Highland, she asked and continues to ask 'mom is laci and kids coming today for a sleepover?' But now that she and Evan know they live SO close now, they bug me probably every day about going to aunt Laci's:) Its great.

So, needless to say, the summer was a lot of 'home-time', not much vacationing. But I wouldn't change it at all. I was able to bond with my sister at a whole new level and I got to know a really beautiful family.

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Laci and the Girls said...

We will never be able to adequately "repay" you for this summer so I will once again.....say thank you. The memories will be etched forever and there were certainly many. I am so grateful my girls feel so comfortable at your pad :) Yes, they love you and BEG for you to come over daily. We ALL love you guys and are blessed to call you family!!! Thanks for hanging out tonight......we absolutely LOVE it!