Thursday, October 14, 2010

Catch up...

Raegan's first day of Kindergarten....I was fine here:

Not so fine here:
I honestly was SO great with pre-school...didn't shed a tear. Was so excited. But for some reason, as I walked Raegan to school and said goodbye to this face:
I got a big ol' frog in my throat...and broke down in tears once I made it through my front door. I pondered what the difference was...between pre-school and this. Still don't quite know, I guess its just the 'real' school thing. The beginning of the end:) She really is a big girl now. I am so excited for her though. She LOVES it, and so do I:)

And is a report of the two that stay home with me...

Take tubs together:
(check out that tan line)

Wake up smiling:

Get beautiful each day:

Melt me with that face:

and those eyes!

Crawling...and playing:

Play dress-ups:

Sometimes with Raegans dress-ups...haha:

And most the time with imagination:
(I personally like the glasses tied up to his shorts)

So, one day, Ev tells me he needs to go potty. I say...OK. Go. Then, I see him make his way out to the back yard. Didnt think much about it until I saw him do this:
Yes, folks, that is Evan peeing on our backyard lawn, and Im sure you can all guess who taught him that. Right. His papa.
Here he is finishing up:
And here he is, realizing I caught him!
Had no idea he did that. I busted up laughing, he didn't like that, but I couldn't help myself. Hilarious. Guess thats what we get for not buying a home with a toilet on the main level!!! By the way, this has now turned into a normal daily occurence. Oh well.

(p.s. little did I know, his dad does the same thing, and I only caught on to what he was doing after I caught Evan. At the end of the day, with the kids asleep, just chillin on the couch...he just gets up, opens the slider, exits for a few minutes, returns...and no questions asked. Never really thought much about it. Then this happened with Evan and it all made sense. Must be something special about peeing under the stars...or sun in Evans case:)


Crazy Lifferths said...

Thanks for catching up! Why don't you ask my Mom where my brother might have got that habit? I just learned something new about dad while I was home this summer!

I have loved spending time together! So excited for all our adventures!

Laci and the Girls said...

Geez Farrs......SLO just gazing at the stars, YA RIGHT!! But, good for you for thinking MAYBE he was out there fixing the swing set or something. HAHA Well, school is hard. I know the feeling. BUT, I have learned that it's an important step for everyone as you can prob see with Ev :) Right now I am watching Rae get her hair done by 3 adoring cousins. She's been a dream here.....thanks for sharing :)

Arden said...

Farrs, I never cried. But there is a loss of innocence, it is sort of sad but part of life. Love the pics! You sure have beautiful kids. love you, mom

Jamie said...

I cried when Ty and Breck went to Kindergarten and I'm sure I will when Logan and Grayson go too. Shawn peeing outside is pretty stinkin' funny! Logan always does that too! I guess if I were hardwired that way I'd pee outside too :)

St. Julien's said...

love the pee stories...except i will think twice next time I go play on your lawn;) I am sure I will break down over pre-school and kindergarten. BUT what i am really really dreading(and having thoughts of maybe not doing it at all) is FIRST grade. I mean a few hours is one thing but the WHOLE day for the REST of their lives!!? come on how do I justify that to myself!! Remind me to discuss this with u next time we play which I hope is very, very soon. luvs.

David B. (U.K.) said...

Great (and some funny) photos of your kids - playing on the beach, having fun and starting school (for Raegan). I love the bathtub photo as Evan has the most adorable skinny bare bum which stands out against his tan-lines!!

Unknown said...

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