Monday, November 08, 2010

Wanna piece of me???

We hope that Evan's recent romp with the coffee table won't hurt our retirement plans since we were banking on his "money-maker" to take care of us all. hahaha.

Evan was a champ last night when we took him to the ER to take care of his wound. Apparently we were laughing at him trying to reach the balloon string and if you know Evan, he HATES the spotlight. In his shy response he ran to Mom and tripped over the rug and went head first into the table.
He fell asleep on the way to the ER so Farrah kept telling the Doctor that as soon as he wakes he is "going to freak." Absolutely not!!! He woke up and wondered what was up but didn't cry once and was asking where the Doctor was and what "they were talking about outside." The Doctor proceeded to tell us about sedation possibilities and the "Taco Roll". (Evan with his hands behind his back rolled into a tight blanket of some sort and Mom or Dad holding his head down. While he was explaining the Taco Bell technique I noticed how calm Evan was and just told the Doctor that we should just let Farrah hold him and let's see how that works. Doc gave us a funny look but said ok to the proposal. Farrah said she would lay with Evan on the table and just cuddle him. So Farrah and Evan on the table with a "blanket" over Evan's head other than a baseball sized hole where the Doctor could focus on the cut. Evan was a champ. Didn't peep at all. Farrah counted to him and did the alphabet to keep him occupied. The Doctor was pretty shocked as were us parents. The only thing Evan complained about was that his arm was stuck under Farrah so we had a slight pause and reposition to finish the procedure. I have no idea how that kid didn't cry. Crazy!!!! And Farrah was so awesome with him. So this was the first of probably many trips to the hospital with young ones and we pray they can all be like last night. I did tell Evan that chicks dig scars. :)

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Jamie said...

Poor guy! How many stitches did he have to get? I remember when Logan had to get stitches and he was really calm too...the calmest two-year-old I had ever seen...especially under those circumstances. It's those times you know the they must have some angels around them :) Hope he gets better soon.