Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is a funny story. My post below describes my new found love of gardening. Something I know NOTHING about. We planted a seed, it grew. I had no idea when they would sprout, nor what they were supposed to look like. We planted SIX zucchini plants...that goes to show we really had NO idea (for those that don't know, you really only need ONE zucchini plant, because each plant produces TONS and TONS).

The unknown was kind of fun though. To see each seed sprout, and then turn into a plant, into an edible plant...awesome. I really didn't know it was a real garden item until I saw multiples of one kind of leaf or flower, in some sort of line, that was about the same height...and so on.

We planted cantaloupe. As a seed. It sprouted. And grew. Into this:

Isn't it beautiful. Green. Full. Tall. Same size. In a row. Cantaloupe! Surely it is. So everyday, I watered it, checked on it, even smelled it. Weeded around it. Watered it. Smelled it again. Then...little blossoms started appearing on a little vine, beneath this tall structure. I was so in the world does cantaloupe grow?! Im sure from these tiny flowers...but why such an enourmous stalk? Whats the purpose of this tree like trunk. It can't grow from these. It's too heavy. Hmmmmmm? Guess we'll see, sooner or later.

Then, I saw. My husbands sister and her family had been in and out of our home all summer, watching with me, all these garden items mature. The father of this family, Brian, yes you, Brian, knew a little something about gardens. A little something more than ME. Whenever he was here, he would watch me tend to my precious plants, and hear of how proud I was of these miracles, and see the incredible excitement of picking a fully mature product of my garden. So, to his credit, I understand why he didn't have the heart to tell me that my cantaloupe, my tall, beautiful, green, vibrant cantaloupe plants....

.....were WEEDS! Weeds, people. Weeds, that actually grew to my HEIGHT. Thats fine. I was so proud of them. Thinking each time I would walk into my house after watering them...'wow, what a miracle...can't wait for fresh garden grown cantaloupe'.

Funny huh. Can't wait for next years garden. Ill know that cantaloupe grows on a vine...and JUST a vine! Brian uprooted the WEEDS, and tried his best to keep the vines of the cantaloupe rooted. Just to let you all know, HE SUCCEEDED. Now, I just might have some cantaloupe. One plant survived the demolition. Ill report if and when a fresh peice of garden ripe cantaloupe ever enters my mouth:) Thanks Bri! YOUR the best:)


Olmsteads said...

Loved your story about the cantaloupe!! Reminds me when Rick was in his early years of teaching he too loves plants and gardening so he thought he would decorate his desk with a nice green plant. He watered it regularly and the students commented on his nice plant. Then one day he noticed that something was sprouting in the potted plant. He thought nothing of it, in fact took pride in watering it and watching it grow. Then it was Christmas vacation for a least two weeks. He watered it well so it would make it through the vacation. When he returned the plant had amazingly grown quite big and he became the laughing stalk of the school because it was a marijuana plant that had mysteriously sprouted in his "pot" that he was watering so tenderly.

Laci and the Girls said...

Oh Farrs what a summer we had!! A few tears fell just reading this story because it brought back all the memories of good/bad times this summer. WE MADE IT!!! "We" meaning all of us! Yipee! Never would've been possible without YOU! So, needless to was the least Bri could do for ya! Just read him the story and he was busting up....we both were. Those were truly the best weeds in all of Utah!! Love you girl!

Jamie said...

I actually heard that story from Brian when they came for dinner. That was really funny! I don't think I would have known that was a weed either!!