Thursday, October 28, 2010

more happenings of the recent past...

Bear Lake...a new escape!

So...I guess one REALLY good thing came from living in Logan for 2 years. Every time my dad would visit, we would trek up the beautiful canyon and check out his EMPTY lot that looked out to Bear Lake. We'd get out, walk in the DIRT, and every time I would TAUNT my dad..."Why is this empty...You HAVE to build something here...look at that view..." and on and on. Really. So, here we are, a few years later, with just that. The most beautiful cabin you ever did see...we like to refer to it as the lodge. It ain't no cabin if ya catch my drift. It's breathtaking. Beautiful. SO SO nice. We have been able to enjoy it a couple times so far and I must say it was wonderful. Cant wait for the next venture up there.

And all of you can thank ME for our new little home away from home:) I knew my nagging would do it. Not really, but hey, look what came only a few years after!!!

SO, here are a few photos (thanks to Jamie...of course) of our most recent excursions:

Here I am quite disgusted by that girl laying out right in front of me. Disgusting...isn't she?! Put a shirt on, and shorts...or pants for that matter. Or how bout a snow suit:)

Here is Evan...thoroughly enjoying being completely buried under all that sand. The kid can be drenched in ketchup...and wouldn't care. Seriously.

Just part of the gang...

Evan and Logan...daring the freezing cold water. Pretty water though.

Really...just the most precious face this world has to offer. Its quite scary.


Arden said...

Thank you Farrah! You are a dream! But where are pictures of the cabin? It will be filled with great memories that is if no one gets bit by a snake orfalls off the edge or rolls in the razor or falls down the stairs or ........... JK Love you guys

Nat said...

Looks like tons of fun. Can you believe how big our little ones are getting! She is quite the doll! :)