Monday, September 27, 2010


Boy, am I gonna miss this new little baby of mine:) In just a few weeks it will be buried under a few feet of snow and I will be sad eating store bought tomatoes and zucchini, beans and sugar snap peas, but most of all...cucumbers and peppers (my favorite garden far)!

I have always wanted a garden. I remember getting off the bus in grade school with one of my best friends...and she had tomatoes. Without fail, before we opened her front door, we would each grab a big ol' red ripe juicy tomato and dig into it as if it were an apple....MMMMMM!

So, because Ive always wanted one...I got one. I even plowed it with a freakin shovel....because I was so anxious to get it started. Shawn helped me push the little seeds into the ground:) So grateful for him:) Im kidding Shawn, I really do love you:) And to his credit, he knew more than me when it came to this project, I just did all the manly work. Partly because, and like I said before, I was very impatient...and some people might argue Im part man:)

So, we pushed the seeds into the ground, and weeks later, to our surprise...a miracle occured! SPROUTS! From then on, I have been out in my garden every day watering away, checking on each little sprout, weeding like crazy, and now....enjoying the luscious fruits of my labor. Its a new found hobby...I love it. And I will miss it. So I will enjoy it. For now. Until that awful, cold, white stuff wipes it out! Blah.

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Laci and the Girls said...

and your homemade fresh garden salsa rocked!!!! we will b making batches like crazy next summer!!!