Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Raegan Lee...our little skibunny!!!

Today was a day I would describe as AWESOME. Scott and I were able to take Raegan and Austin up to Sundance for their first ski day. It was a blast and they were unbelievable. Snow was falling all day. We hauled up there all loaded up in the Civic and parked front and center in a loading spot since my car wouldn't make it to the upper lot. Sundance has a rope pull that's free for anyone. Raegan and Austin were troopers. We went up the hill about 5 or 6 times. Both did a great job considering they were both skiing on skis that were two sizes to big for them and no ropes to hold them together. (We didn't get to the ski rental till about noon and they were out of small skis and those rope things.)

Above is Austin and Raegan getting sized up for their day on the hill. Shout out to Outdoors Unlimited at BYU for their 10$ ski/boot rental. What a deal!!!

Raegan and Austin at the end of the day. I did these last two photos in reverse order.

Raegan ready to ski!!!! I was amazed at how well she took everything and she wanted to do a bunch of it alone. I would go down the hill a little and have her ski to me. As you can see in the video, she enjoyed pointing her tips downhill and taking off. Listen to me yelling "Stop" even though she really has no idea how to. Please don't critique my coaching skills. I pretty much listened to the Sundance Ski instructors who were teaching other kids. Thanks Scott for a fun day.

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Rachel said...

that honestly made my day. for real