Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pictures speak a thousand words...

Here is The Miracle....
and here are the faces of those who witnessed the miracle...
*big sister...instant love*

*big brother...'whoa, look at all that snow' :) *

*mom...look of unbelief...she is finally in my arms*

*dad...words can't describe*
*mom...watching dad's instant love wash over his face*

*does his face make you cry? makes me*

*proud parents...nothing better to share with the one you love*

*stop it Shawn, you're killing me*

*grandpa...looking on in the distance with a big smile*

*i love you*

*aunt becca...what a tender spirit you bring*

*grandma...unconditional love and pure joy*

*dad...trying your hardest to keep it together*
I will post some of Mayci from the hospital, but when I got these pictures from Rachel, these are the ones that really hit my heart. To see the unconditional love for our precious angel in the faces of those I love so much, tears just flowed from my eyes. I was so focused on my most special gift from God, that I wasn't able to see the others around me.
Shawn's tear-filled eyes and look of overwhelming emotion on his face makes me cry now. To share this moment with him and every one else who was there made this experience heavenly. The veil feels so thin, as if our Heavenly Father personally hands over His most precious creation right into my arms. The feeling is undescribable, and it makes me understand the difficult decision that everyone has to make....when you have to move on to the next phase of life...no more babies.
I'm grateful that transition is long in the distance because I will mourn when it comes my time to make that decision... so for now, I will hold on to, remember, and cherish that special day, one week ago. Each time I hold Mayci and stare at all her beautiful features...from the curves of her ears to the wrinkles in her forehead to her tiny little fingers and toes...the spirit that was alive and real in that small hospital room comes flooding back to fill my heart and home. This is what I will hold on to, cherish, and remember forever.
Thank you to everyone who was a part of this experience...you only made it more special...if thats possible:) I already can't wait for next time...sounds crazy...but it's true!
PS Rachel...thank you so much for capturing an unforgettable sight. And also a special thanks to Jamie and Jake for being there to care for my other little ones. I love you all!


Rachel said...

wow. even though I took those pictures... they make me emotional looking at them. I am so lucky to have such an amazing sister and brother-in-law. Really. Love you both.

Laci and the Girls said...

Oh man, I already had to redo makeup after reading your first post today.....now again! You said it all perfectly Farrah. There is nothing that compares to the moment another one is sent from above. Mayci is precious. And my brother....killing me. Thanks for sharing. Rach captured it perfectly. Love you so much Farrs.

Amanda & Seth Campbell said...

Thank you Farrah for sharing your experience. It really is a miracle when a baby that you helped create is brought into this world. Congrats! Mayci is beautiful.

Auntie Elaine said...

I'm so grateful for pictures and words to capture such special tender moments. Thank you for sharing your sacred time with us. We sure love you and your sweet family Farrah!!

Kuulei said...

I agree that it is such an amazing experience! congratulations.