Monday, December 14, 2009


What is beautiful? Well, right now, many things are beautiful to me, but the woman on my right hand up above is every meaning of the word. Mom...what you have done for me this past week is...I really don't have the words. You left today, and I was in tears. Tears of gratitude. And with the quiet that surrounds me now, I have been thinking of you.

What dad said the other day when they came down for dinner is right are one of a kind. You are and always have been one of the most selfless persons I know. What you have done for me I only pray I can do for my children. You cooked, cleaned, laundered, dusted, vacuumed, and most importantly entertained. Evan woke from his nap asking where you were, and I have yet to tell him you have gone home. I keep telling him we will see you soon.

You are beautiful. I say that with tears welling in my eyes and swelling in my heart. Even though you have a 'potty mouth', I love everything about you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you are.

I love you mom.


Arden said...

farrs, you made me cry. it is an honor to serve a daughter like you. thanks. i love you so much,mom

Auntie Elaine said... both make me tear up!! What an awesome team you both are and an example of service and love. Love you both!

Becca said...

Mom is the best, it's true. She holds an endless amount of love, it's awesome. Thanks for makin me cry farrs ;)

Rachel said...

oh man... what a post. It's true. Mom is the best. I don't know how people go through childbirth and the aftermath with out their moms. good post farrah. can't wait to come over and see my little maycee.

Laci and the Girls said...

Geez Farrs.....what a tribute. I am so glad she was there to help you out. #3 was the hardest transition for me. I'm sure you'll just rock it! Can't wait to see you guys and finally meet Mayci (is Rachel crazy or am I spelling it wrong?) haha! Love you tons!