Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Precious Girl!

So, for those of you who know Rae know that she has been quite the challenge. Once she hit 18 months, she was just preparing us for her terrible two's! But, I have to say, as difficult as she has been, I get emotional just writing this, she is the sweetest, most loving, tender little girl. I have such a battle within when it comes to disciplining this child because she is sooooo dang sensitive. It scares her when I'm weird as that may sound...and it hurts her tender little feelings when I'm stern with her. So, I really have a hard time, but as with all children, she needs to know her boundaries. So, as you can see in this picture, we found a new spot for time-out. Its the only thing that works, shutting her in this cupboard for a couple minutes. She hates the dark, and when doors are over! So, this was perfect...something to scare her enough to learn her lesson. She just screams and screams, but she gets the point. When her time is up, the buzzer in the kitchen goes off and she helps herself out and gives her apologies. I know this sounds so cruel to some of you...cause IT IS! ARE YOU CRAZY...And for any of you who believe're so dumb! I'm totally kidding! How dare you think that I would really do that! No, this is her new hiding spot when we play hide-and-seek...her new favorite...especially with dad. They will go hide up in our bed covers and yell for me to come find them. So, I will sneak up the stairs and crawl around the bed for when they lift the covers I jump up and scare em'. I only do it to scare Shawn. He tries to peek so he can know where Im going to jump from, but I don't play if he does, cause he jumps and screams louder than Rae...Its pretty hilarious. Anyway, just thought this was a cute pic of Rae in her new spot!


Laci and the Girls said...

Are you kidding Fars!!?? I think that is pure genius! Seriously, as I was reading, I was thinking," now THAT is a new one!" How smart! After four kids, it's all about WHATEVER works. Really, it's not abuse and you've (all of us) have got to get the job done somehow!!! :) Oh, I can't wait to see you guys next week! And I LOVE that new haircut on the little man. So adorable!

shawnandfarrah said... are funny! I may have attempted it (I swear I tried everywhere else), but I think the time-out she has does the job...she absolutely hates being closed in our laundry room. But maybe I will still keep it an option:) Cannot wait to see you all. Im soooo excited

Crazy Lifferths said...

I seriously believed it, thinking...well whatever works, works! Haha...but I was thinking how can she have the cute smile on her face in there when Farrs is saying how terified it makes her? I guess I was subconsiously(how do you spell that word?!) thinking you were jokin! She is too precious for words!

Justin and Lindsay said...

So know I though you were serious for a split second and thought that maybe I needed to call you and talk or something! So cute...they look like total still freaks me out. Hope you can make it to Denali's sealing! Love your guts!