Saturday, December 01, 2007

Im so fat!

I have never eaten more in my life than I did this last weekend! WOW! Pretty great food though, how can you pass it up. I think I filled up enough to now hibernate all winter long...homemaid pies, sweet potatoes (my fave), stuffing, jell-o, turkey and cranberries, and much much more. As for Rae, she loved the museum, taking walks and wrestling with grandpa (and I think she won and left her marks as usual:), playing dolls with grandma, spending time with great grandpa and ma, playing with Brookie here and there, and the highlight of the vacation...having dad around! We had him for 41/2 solid days, it was great! Evans just happy to be there, though he got pretty good at sitting up over the weekend. I still can't believe how fast they learn and fun to watch! He is quite the happy guy too, apparently an Olmstead trait. If you just walk in the room and he spots you, he smiles. He's such a sweet little goober. Anyway, thank you to all who made our vacation so great! I love onto Christmas! Happy Holidays!


Laci and the Girls said...

I was just getting ready to call you and demand some pictures!! Looks like you guys had a great time. We miss you....hoping to see you in a few weeks! Kisses and loves to Rae and Big E! Love you!

Laci and the Girls said...

oh ya, the polygamist interest must run in the fam. I told you I drove to Colorado City and Hilldale one Sunday afternoon with a friend just to take pics and watch the maddness right?? When I see them here, I just stare and stare....really can't help it! And, I want to learn how to do my hair like those women....hottness!!

kat said...

Hi Farrah....Kathy from your ward :). I saw your blog from Erin and TJ's. Just wanted to say HI!! Funny story about the polygamists. They are really interesting people. Love the house you and Rae built. I loved building forts when I was little too...those were the free!