Thursday, December 13, 2007

From Tummy 2 Toosh

Well, Evan is growing so most babies do! Its amazing to watch and I enjoy every new thing he learns. Like to sit up is WONDERFUL! Now, I swear, HE is so much happier having that little bit of freedom...and when he crawls...oh how great that will be. I look at him sometimes and he looks like he wants to get up and run already, frustrated sitting in one spot. I have to move the kid from station to station all day long if we are at home. If not, he is perfect. He loves to be out, all the stimulation from moving. Bottom line...I know Im in for a busy one...he already is! So different from Rae! I would hand Rae the best toy with lights, music, color, you name it, and she would just stare. I had to play with it for her. Evan gets to it. Anyways, just fun to see the similarities and differences. I posted some pics of some of his "firsts": sitting up, high chair, and big kid tub:) Oh, and how could I forget...his first new HAIR-CUT! While Heather was here over the weekend, she wasn't diggin' the comb-over due (neither was I), so I got rid of it...just for you Heath!

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Crazy Lifferths said...

So stinkin cute!! Love the new haircut!!