Saturday, December 01, 2007

Guess who?

While we were at the museum we ran into a movie star, well more a famous criminal? Take a good look in the picture. There is a guy in the background who is staring directly at me with a little top hat and glasses on, and I knew he was so I quickly snapped the pic and ran. For those of you who are familiar with the polygamist named Tom Green, well, thats him and his 500 wives and kids. Pretty crazy huh. Trudy and I could not get enough of it. We were so fascinated and just wanted to stare. That sounds pathetic, but seriously, it was pretty entertaining. He sat with one wife at each side, and I think it was the young blonde's day cause she was hanging all over, rubbing his back, hand on his leg, hugging him, etc., as the others just watched or had little contact compared to her. He pretty much slept through everything...having 7 wives must get pretty tiring:) But really, he was sleeping the whole time, just snoozin' away. We were laughing at ourselves cause I wanted a good picture, anyway, we were pretty obvious we should have just rounded 'em all up and asked for a great big family picture. Pretty funny stuff!

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Crazy Lifferths said...

There was a lady that used to come into the salon that used to be married to him!! She was quite young with tons of kids. Crazy world...I have never seen him, but now I have!!