Saturday, May 19, 2007

Playin' a little catch up...

Well, don't think this is the only new post...keep scrolling down and as you do you will notice I have put up about 3 or 4 new ones...trying to catch up. My computer has been down and I finally got it up and running again, so set aside a few minutes and catch up with us. We are finally back in Logan and we got a bike for Shawn the other day. He has been riding to work and back and loves it. But more he has been taking Rae out in the trailer and Raegan loves her bike rides. Thats how we get her to go to bed half the time is tell her she can go on a bike ride with daddy when she wakes up. We have been enjoying the weather and went to the DuBose's for more fun in the sun. She had a blast with the kids in the pool, on the slip n' slide, jumping on the tramp, and tapping into her creative artistic side with the sidewalk chalk. It was great. Lanonie made some home-made pizza that was magnificent and I took over a delightful chocolate neat treat with ice-cream. We didn't get home 'till 9pm and Rae slept in the following morning until 10:30!!!! It was wonderful. Also, I added some pics of Rae kissing her little brother and a little family pic...oh how cute!


Laci and the Girls said...

Oh, I just smiled and smiled looking at all the new pics! Thanks for posting! Rae has grown so much....and so have you Farrs!! I LOVE that belly. You look amazing. Good luck gaining that 45 we talked about, it's not happening! I just can't believe the lil guy is almost here! My fave pic is Rae in the bath with the glasses on, she seriously looks identical to SLO.....spittin' image! Love it!

The Thomas Trio said...

Farrah- she is so cute! I love all the pictures! That swim suite is adorable! Hope the little guy shows up soon!