Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Addition...still no name!!!

Here are a few pictures to introduce our new little guy to the family. He is definitely little. He weighed 6.1 and was 19 inches long. Labor was very quick and I was actually surprised at how fast that little guy shot out of there. Almost like the Doctor was taking a hike from the center. Farrah was a TROOPER. The epideral (?) didn't take in time so she did it "like a real woman" according to mom. She really wanted to push earlier and kept asking the nurse but they had to wait for the Doctor. He was honestly there a total of about 3-5 minutes before little man arrived. The nurse was telling her to wait and I thought Arden was going to kill the nurse. Farrah was ready to "get'r done". By the way...anyone wishing to have mom or Arden present in the delivery room better get used to them telling EVERYONE that walks in that they had ALL their children natural. Cue the background applause....anyways. Farrah told her mom that she will not be present ever again if she mentions it one more time. So, now Farrah can say the same. She was great. The Doctor that did the epideral came in later to apologize for not getting that working and said he couldn't speed it up. Baby and Farrah are doing great. He is a much better nursing baby than Raegan. It has been a wonderful last few days. Farrah is amazing and more beautiful than before. Thanks for all the calls and texts. I will put up some more pics tonight or tomorrow. Keep checking!!!

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Kuulei said...

Congratulations from the Wilton family. Great job Farrah and Evan is so cute! Shawn, from all that I hear you are a great dad. Happy upcoming Father's Day!