Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Raegan...our angel!

Finally Im able to tell you all what a special little girl we have! I know its been a few weeks since her birthday, but just a little low-down on the special day. Shawn and I were so busy on her actual birthday with Bug's wedding (my best friend) that we weren't able to celebrate her birthday until the next day. We had just a small get together with family and shared some cake, ice-cream, and presents. It was pretty funny watching Rae open her gifts, it was almost like she wasn't quite sure how to rip open the paper so my little sisters were more than happy to help her out. She was not a very happy camper cause she has woken up from a nap right before everyone arrived so as you can see in one of the pics, she had a very solumn and expressionless face the entire time she opened her gifts. It wasn't until everyone left that she was able to show her excitement. Thank you everyone for the special day and all the fun presents! I now have to express how grateful and blessed I am for having these last 2 years of my life spent every single day and night with my little Rae. My dad used to always say..."this is what life is all about" as he would smile at his kids and I never really understood that until now. Its soooooooo true. She gives me a purpose and joy in life that I wouldn't exchange for anything else in this world. I love being her mom. She is such a funny, vibrant, smart, tender and caring, fiesty little angel. I love her like I can't describe and the best part about that is I know she loves me! She is a true miracle in our lives and Im so happy to have the rest of eternity with her and my little family. I love you so much Raegan. You are just the Rae of sunshine in our lives!

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