Saturday, May 19, 2007

My little Pre-Madonna...

Well, I guess there is a first for everything, and because I wasn't able to get a sitter for Rae, she was able to experience her first pedicure as I was able to experience my first pedicure. Doesn't seem quite right considering she's 2 and Im almost 26, but what can ya do. Bug treated all the bridesmaid's to a pedicure and Rae came along and was great the whole time as the lady's polished her nails. She was so excited that the first thing she would do when approached by anybody was hold out her hand and then whip her shoe off to show-off her little toes....and say "nails so preddy"...SO CUTE! Along with the pedicure, she dressed in a princess dress for the wedding and she did not want to take it off. She loves to be fancy. We had a great time with Bugs wedding. All went well except for the weather...the only day of the two weeks I was there that it rained :( but it worked out. I was able to escort her through the temple as she received her endowments as well for her sealing and it was pretty neat. Im just glad I made it through myself without my water breaking or passing out. Anyhow, our stay was long (2 weeks) in Alpine as Shawn was off to California recruiting then to Washington to learn new coaching skills, but it all worked out perfectly as I would have had to be there anyway for a little support to my mom and Bugs wedding. Just a few pics from our long stay...enjoy!

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