Saturday, March 17, 2007

Raegan's Walk

What's up everyone!! This is Shawn. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and remembering me since chances are I will forget YOU!!! :) Anyways...the weather has been amazing here. I went to work in shorts and a t-shirt yesterday. So we have been going on walks with Raegan to the park and other places. Well the other day she wanted to take her duck on a walk in her baby stroller. Raegan made it around the whole block with not one problem pushing her duck in the stroller the whole time. (Notice the swim diaper on the duck!!) I couldn't stop laughing. I knew everyone would enjoy that. I wish Mom and Dad would come out here for Spring Break. Everyone (excluding Andertons and Nicole) will be in Provo area. Hint, Hint.... Oh wife is the most beautiful, sexy pregnant woman ever!!!

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Laci and the Girls said...

You kill me Rico! Yes, I too agree that Farrah is dang sexy when she's pregnant....we can't have it all :) Cutest pictures of Raegan...she is hilarious!