Sunday, March 04, 2007

Late nights!

Well, I know most of you know about Rae's pooping problems lately, but for those of you that don't, she has been struggling to get those little brown boogers out and when she finally does, they are large and in-charge, and need I say a little painful. SO, after trying every home remedy, we took her in and got her on some miracle medicine. But, before then, she has associated her bedtime with pain only because every time I would put her down to bed, about an hour later she would scream out..."Ouwy poo-poo" and sure enough we would find a ball of joy in her little diapers. Very sad! So, to get to the point, she has been staying up really late due to these traumatizing events in the dark and the picture with her and her daddy is one of those nights...oh...about midnight...just cuddling with her daddy and enjoying some crackers. She is one of a kind. I have to say that she has totally turned into a daddy's little girl. I don't know what happened, but she absolutely adores daddy. It is so great to see her daddy enjoy her just as much. He is really the best dad. He plays with her from the second he gets home from work until she goes down playing house, riding horsey, reading books, wrestling, and much much more. We really love having dad around. He is the best in the west, truly!


Laci and the Girls said...

That's my lil' bro!! :) He is an amazing dad, my girls worship him too. Oh Farrs, what to do with these girls that turn on us...all 4 of mine have done it right about the age of two. It's precious, but a bit sad at the same time.....hopefully you're little guy will be all yours :)

Crazy Lifferths said...

Welcome back to the blogging world there sister! We missed updates of our little Rae Rae!! I like what Laci says at the end of her comment...hopefully that is true about the boys!!