Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well as most of you know, yesterday was Shawn's birthday...29th birthday! WOW...that seems pretty old and this is the first time I have ever seen or heard Shawn state any concern about his old age. Quite funny:) Anyway, aside from the grandpa Shawn bizness, we didn't do anything too special. I took him to breakfast at the local diner here, made some burgers for dinner and whipped up a yummy cake...and of course I provided him with his all time must have on special occasions... 'vanilla swiss almond haagen daaz' ice-cream. We are saving up our birthday gifts to get ourselves a recliner, so he didn't receive much more from me than a card and some balloons, but he has my whole heart forever and I hope that is enough for now. I just wanted to post some memory pics of Shawn back in the day, as well as some of him as the wonderful husband and father he is. Shawn, Rae and I want to wish you a happy birthday and also want you to know how much we love you! Raegan wakes up every day from her nap asking if "daddy coming?" She loves and adores every second she gets with him...and so do I. Happy Birthday Shawn!

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Laci and the Girls said...

Love that guy! Just today, my girls were exchanging jokes back and forth with some friends here at home and Madi said," Haylee, do that one that uncle Rico does when he tells you to pull his finger and he toots!" He is loved by all!