Saturday, December 09, 2006

Beautiful Fall Day!

Considering we are in the midst of winter...we are trying to take advantage of any sun! It was a beautiful Saturday, though cold, it was sunny, so we took Raegan to see her new favorite animal....the elk. Its a huge elk and the first time we took Raegan to see it, we had Kaya with us and the elk came charging right at us and hit its huge horns into the fence. Since then, anytime we mention the word 'elk' Raegan says "scary". Anyway, she has conquered her fear of the elk and now begs us to go bye-bye to see the elk. Really cute!

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Crazy Lifferths said...

When I zoomed in on the pic of all three of you can still see Shawn's wounds from Brookey!! I guess her learned that she is a cheap fighter!!