Saturday, December 16, 2006

Winter in Logan

Winter is finally here which means snow and cold outside. Farrah and Raegan are continually experimenting new ways to have fun at home or around town. (Mostly at home) It's amazing how much Farrah does for Raegan. I get home and only have 3-4 hours with her before she goes down and I can't keep up with her. Raegan loves to show off her infamous teeth. She will use them on ANYONE...nobody is safe right now. (No nursery for Rae Rae) Farrah built her a slide and she went crazy with it until she ripped it in half. The other is a house Raegan had for a whole day. See what Farrah can do with one diaper case!!


Laci and the Girls said...

Oh, I miss those teeth!!!! Love you!

shawnandfarrah said...

Oh I bet you do! You can have them back if you want. I will just rip em out and send them to ya. No...Im kidding...she is an angel, but she better get out of this mean stage soon!