Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ski Sesh!

Rae on Left.
Evan on right.
Dad behind Evan.

Evan got it!
No backpack for this guy.
He cruises and its so awesome!!

Pretty much the best pic of the day.
Melts my heart.
Ma boys.

Me and Rae on the lift.
She isn't having any fun at this point.
This is her happiness.

Im kindof excited.
I thought he was too : )

I love this picture.
Let the games begin!!

Me and Ev on the lift.
One of the best days Ive had in 2013.

Its just Evan.
Book between his legs.
Helmet on in the car.
< nerd >

I love nothing more than to watch my kids have fun.
And fun they had.
But did I!
I have not been on skis for probably over 15 years...NO JOKE!
I learned on skis when I was a lad...but switched to the snowboard when they became "cool".
Im turning in the board.
Skiing was heavenly.
Something about the crisp cold air.
The quiet mountain.
And the recreation found in mother nature.

Nothing quite like it.

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