Monday, January 14, 2013


My favorite thing to do while nursing is this.  Admire her little toes.  Squeeze her tiny soft little legs.  Feel her little teeny tiny bulges of muscle hidden under her fuzzy skin.  Its a sight I can't get enough of.  I always find myself in the world does this work?  How does this perfect little angel grow so perfectly in my belly??!!  It never ceases to boggle my mind.  This perfect miracle.

She is the sweetest most precious little person that exists the face of this earth.  It is really scary how much I love her.    How much we all love her.  I write these words, and look at that picture, and feel the ol' knot grow in my throat.  

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Laci said...

Love her!!! I first saw the picture and thought omg.....Becca, then chad.....obviously a true Hofheins. I KNEW my brother couldn't create something so perfect ;) She is beautiful!!!