Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Is this girl mine?!?!

Probably the most precious little face you ever did see.

Working up the smile...

There it is!


 I have truly, honestly, and sincerely been totally and completely smitten by this little bundle of pure joy.  Truly.  In fact, not sure if its because I bathe her daily, but I noticed as I was putting lotion on her little face today after her bath, her chubby chubby cheeks were a bit dry.  It has to be from me mauling them all day.  Every day.  I will be real and say, I have enjoyed these last 2 cuddly months more than I have with any of my other kids.  Maybe its because she might possibly be my last.  Or maybe its because I feel a little more experienced rather than anxious!  Maybe its because I have 3 little people to share the joy with.  Or maybe its because I know it doesn't last long, and they really do grow up!  Who knows.  But I have thoroughly enjoyed every cuddle, snuggle I have with her.

Her first smiles came with gramma and papa in California last week.  And ever since then we can't get enough.  I enjoyed watching gramma as she tried to get Wesly to smile...all the while she would mention how silly we look while doing so.  Now, I catch myself thinking the same thing.  The way we tweak our voices, the things we say, and the faces we make...its no wonder they smile!!

Speaking of gramma and papa...I have to give them the greatest THANK YOU ever.  They rescued me.  Truly.  The invitation came from a sincere gramma who was fighting a serious bug but wanted so badly to help me so she offered her home to me and my crazy 4!  Gramma Trudy and Papa let us run them wild for 10 days, and I must say, I hope to be able to keep up the way they do when I am a grand parent. Rick and Trudy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting your lives on hold and spending that quality time with me and my kids.  Those memories are priceless, but more than that, you helped me come out from a weird little funk and gave me a new energy:)  I love you both so very much.


Olmsteads said...

Coaxing the first smiles from my own little babies was a joy that I cherished. But when your newest little grandchild cracks a first smile is brings back that joy for you to remember when you are old(er). Thanks for the 10 days of pancakes, walks, pancakes, beach, pancakes, park, pancakes, zoo, in &out, smiles, mate, ice cream and many more memories.

Laci said...

Oh I love her!!! I really want to have her marry Cole, but then that would be way too Shawn and Farrahish.....bummer! Haha! I laughed at the cheek comment.....just said the exact same thing to Brian the other day!!! Coles's body is softer than ever and his poor cheeks just get malled all day! I can't stop though!! So glad these two get to be best buds forever!!!