Monday, January 14, 2013


These two are best buds.  Truly.  They played so so so so good all break looooong.  Both Shawn and I commented at different times how noticeable it was.  The presents from santa helped, but they are at a great age where they can actually play with each other and really compliment each other so well.  I absolutely love it and am so grateful for their relationship and friendship.  Its priceless.  Raegan will still always push the limits...I think she bruised his cheek here;)

This here, this big huge 'puppy', is all Raegan asked for for Christmas.  Can't you see the satisfaction in her face!  And this is all she got:)  Just kidding.  But I really wish I told santa that this is all she REALLY TRULY cared to get!

Yes, Evan got a kitchen.  But look at that thing...its sweet!  Its nicer than mine.  Thank you, santa's elves, for making this gift a possibility!  And you know who you are.  What a night of laughter:)  Santa justified this gift a little...because if Evan wasn't entirely thrilled with it, the 2 little gals will have a blast with it.  All in all, its a crap shoot anyway!

Love the smiles on their faces.  Makes it worth it...right?!

I mean really...that smile.  Its worth it:)

Love her little face.  Its perfect.

Going from one gift to the other in a matter of seconds.  Makes Christmas morning last a good 2 minutes:)  Wish preparing for Christmas was just as fast!

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