Friday, December 28, 2012

Joy to the Olmsteads!!

I always love looking at pictures from someone else's taking:)  I come across sweet surprises like this one.  I love the look of pure love on Shawn's face.  Something I would never be able to see if it weren't for this shot.   
I love the frog legs.  I really do...when they cross their precious little feet and crunch their little legs.  Its always sad to me when that comfortable crunched position isn't comfortable to them anymore.  A whopping 6 lbs 14 oz...a small package that brings insurmountable joy.  Crazy.

Happy parents to a happy, healthy, baby girl.  SO Blessed.  Best Christmas Ever!
Melts my soul. 

Again, melts my soul.

Never another moment like this.  NOTHING can match it.

Obsessed.  Literally.  She held her a solid hour when we got home.  

Mayci's face says it all...a little confused, but in Heaven:)

Grandma's turn!


Made me tear.  Priceless.


ryanandginger said...

Such great pictures! Farrah, you amaze me! She looks so little and perfect. Congratulations!!!

Tracie said...

She's beautiful! Cant wait for our little girls to meet! (Our little princess was born on the 20th...)

Staci said...

Congrats to your family. What a wonderful Christmas present to you all.

Laci said...

SO to YOU!!! She's such a beauty. Love everything about her AND most importantly, that she's right across the street from me!!! :) Love you all!