Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well...Im the awesome mom who marked the date of Raegans first day of FIRST grade wrong on my calendar. It was only a week later.

Im the best mom, I whipped out my camera and shot a picture of her on her first day of FIRST grade dressed in her perfectly new and manicured little outfit...SYKE!

Im that really unique mom who was actually excited for her first day of a full day in school.

Im that kind of mom that doesnt want to be 'THAT mom' and cry once she is gone. Oh, but I am. Not a lot, just a little.

BUT...I am ok though, cause I WAS home when she walked through the door after her FIRST day of FIRST grade...and I will always be home when she walks through the door after her first day in anything. I will always be her biggest fan, I will be her most curious fan, and I will always love her with this indescribable love that is oh so scary at times.

Most importantly, despite my messiness as a mom lately, she LOVES first grade:) It fits her like a glove. Now I just have to fill my house with music or something. ITS TOO QUIET.

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Laci said...

YOu are the hottest mama out there and that's all that matters!!! Now go.....fill up that house with MORE cute kids!!! Yep, Rae was made for school!! Love you!