Friday, August 05, 2011

New job can wait...

So, a lot has changed around here. Well...I guess not a lot, but it really feels like my world has been tipped upside down and turned inside out:) But that can wait for a later time. Better yet, I sat down with my amazingly brilliant and very intuitive 4 year old and had a little chat about mommies.

Went like so:

*I tried to sneek in a few minutes of a recorded 'So You Think You Can Dance' when Evan popped in and sat right by me...needless to say, I changed the channel after 30 seconds**

Evan - "moms dont watch shows"

Me - "really?! why not? what to moms do?"

Evan - "they make stuff. for us. and we sit down. not the moms though."

Me - "so moms dont sit down"

Evan - "nope."

*now intrigued with his perception of what mommies do, I prodded for more*

Me - "what else do mommies do?"

Evan - "um, well, they sit on the computer. and work. and....OH!...and they can drive!! and they can do laundry too."

Me - "ya. what else?"

Evan - "oh ya, um, they can do a garden too. and they can cut the grass so its not itchy."

Me - "thats so cool huh. moms are pretty cool huh Ev. What do moms do when you fall down and get an owey?'

Evan - 'OH! they put a bandaid on. can i have a gummy bear...2 of them?"

*so, surely i jumped up with a smile and got him 3 gummy bears. and that was that. what a pleasure it is to be Evans mommy. i will cherrish those little conversations forever, and will certainly miss them when their gone*


Jamie said...

Love that Farrah. My kids would probably say "Moms yell A LOT!". But at least there are still awesome moms out there ;). Love ya!

Arden said...

That was amazing. He is so awesome! I think you guys had to get married to realize what i did and do! jk love you!