Thursday, August 25, 2011

So, I just posted a picture-less post about Raegan and first grade. I stood up to find Evan, and this is how I found him....

All by himself in our pathetic little sand box.

Now call me crazy, but this was almost more tear-worthy than sending my first child off to first grade for the first time.

Im missing the noise, but he's missing his little playmate/buddy/friend/enemy/compadre.../...sister.

We miss ya Rae (written with a lil lump in the ol throat).


Laci said...

K that tugs at my heart too. Sweet boy....soon he'll have imaginary friends that will keep him company out there :) Too cute!

Rachel said...

Unreal farrah. I can't wait to squeeze that little guy. Man that makes me a tad sad. Love him and love u. :)