Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A little dose of the cabin!

Well folks, we finally made it back up to the cabin over the weekend. It was a fabulously relaxing little jaunt from the same pace of life.
the first morning we woke up, we headed outside and the snow was perfect for sledding! and thats just we did:) it was so nice.
The snow was really hard and frozen. Mayci loved walking on it.

this is me, yes me, in all my cabin glory. sweats, mullet, the whole bit. oh, and the shoes was the reason this picture was taken by rachel. they were my dads. i didnt bring any snow gear and i was anxious to get out there on that sled:)

we love it when dad's can join us...
yes, it was warm enough to wear shorts. serious.

rae and ev in heaven. together.


Arden said...

Great times and great memories.

Rachel said...

I want to go back. So so fun. Next weekend? Lets bring snow stuff and go to the bowl. Sounds amazing.

Auntie Elaine said...

Now....remind me how we can book the cabin???? :-)