Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Binki anyone?!

So, I tried and tried and tried with all my might to get Mayci to take the binki when she was just a new babe. To no avail! SHE COMPLETELY REFUSED! So much so that she literally would have a real temper about it. The second it was put in her mouth...one suck and it was over. So so angry that mom would dare stick just a stupid rubbery foreign object in her mouth that produced....NOTHING! So, eventually, I admit, after buying every brand, flavor, size, and color...I gave up.

Well, had I known that the right binki was right under my nose. I should have tried the lid to our play tea pot. DUH. What was I thinking. She has discovered it and is finally happy with a binki. HA! Pretty hilarious. She really does suck on it, and not only that, she carries 2 other lids around...one for each hand. Couldn't pass up on THAT ONE!

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