Monday, March 07, 2011


as im cleaning Evans bumb, he is adamant that i not flush the toilet yet! then, when he is all cleaned up and buttoned up, he looks in the toilet and says:
"I cant see how long my poop is...because the wipes is blocking me."
for real?! did he just say that?! so thats why he didnt want me to flush yet!
i know everyone checks out the toilet after use (c'mon people, lets get real here), but really, does it start at 3. guess so when he is half Shawn!
i laughed at that one...and he was really adamant that i not flush the toilet...yet!


kahili and brooke said...

HAHAHAHA!!! i just LOLed forreal! Evan is so funny!

Farrah said...


shawnandfarrah said...

how did i say 'amazing'. thats not me people! weird. who did that? shawn?? was that you?

Jamie said...

Ha ha! That's so funny...and true! Ya gotta check, right??

Laci said...

I fear for that boy knowing he is hald SLO.....SERIOUSLY!!! And yes, I am certain SLO would think thats "amazing"!! Oh Ev...ur too cute! Hey, it's almost time for Ev to start peeing in the backyard, right!??

Arden said...

Farrah, He is more than half Shawn! Help is a good word!