Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mountains and Bugs

Evan: "Mom. Where are the mountains? I cant see the mountains."

Mom: (laugh...) "I know you cant see them because of the snow...huh."

Evan: "Ya. I cant see them cause the snow blowed them away."


Evan: (falls to the floor and grabs his foot, and in frustration says...) "UGH. Why are you on me bugs?!"

Mom: "Whats wrong Ev?"

Evan: "The bugs are on my foot mom, and theyre hurting me....ugh"

(his foot fell asleep)

These little brains cease to amaze me.


Jamie said...

Such a funny kid!

Laci said...

Haha....he's hilarious that kid!!

Arden said...

I love my Evan!