Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The art of eating olives

Mayci has discovered the correct way of eating olives. How? It continues to boggle my mind the way these little tiny people figure these things out! From sitting up, to crawling...I mean really...its not like we crawl around for them to mimic. To walking, running, and even down to the way you are supposed to eat olives.

I just sat in amazement. Is that pathetic? I watched her pick it up, check it out, notice the hole, and then attempt and succeed at poking her little fat finger in the hole and eat it off her finger.

I love her. So much.
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Arden said...

That's awesome. Little ones are amazing and I love her so much!

Laci said...

I love her more and want to keep her everytime you bring her over!! It really would help me out ALOT if you just give her to us!! :) You can always visit......