Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas 2010

Here is a caption of just what we were up to during Christmas!!

Mayci baby...Christmas morning...

Christmas morning...Evan's much desired Toy Story:)

I just have to apologize to Aunt Cole. If you notice her in the background...she may look like she didnt sleep at all Christmas Eve. Well, she didnt. Im sorry Cole for keeping you up all night.
PS: you are still as beautiful as ever:)

Waiting to see what santa left behind the wall...

I always knew he faked sleeping when the kids dozed on him:) haha! Caught ya!
Here are a few pics of the very tired and worn out kids. Too much fun at the beach!!

Dad in his element...digging tunnels and playing in the sand right along with the kids. Might be my favorite thing to see...HIM playing with the kids!

Rae trying to 'sled' down the sand.

Is there a more beautiful picture....? NO!

Red and Blue only go together here:
...and here...

Gramma spoiled Raegan with love...and some sweet hairdo's. Have I attempted a few of them since we got home...yes. Have I failed miserably...yes. Maybe if I have 4 more girls, who actually LET me practice on them, I might get there someday:)
LOVE YOU GRAMMA. Thanks for the special attention.

beautiful duo...don't ya think. wow.

Veggin'...in the rain.

More special attention from gramma. Playin some games while the rain came down...

Thanks again gramma, grampa, cole, ho, and the anderton fam for making this Christmas a delight. We made the most of the rain...playing board games, using the church gym to play ball, enjoying eachothers company, going out for dinner, watching movies, spinning every morning together, and more! It was actually quite enjoyable. But when the sun shone through, we loved the beach, the sand, the waves, the walks, and most of all the company!

It was a very Merry Christmas...and one to always remember!


Jamie said...

Gooooo...cougars! Love that picture :) And the one on the beach! Ahh, I wish I was there :) Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, but glad you're home! Let's get our girls night out on!

Laci said...

Good job Farrs!!! So proud of all the pictures!! And yes, SLO and HO should each have those pics framed in their offices.....totally classic!! Family first :) So glad you're home. Let's get together soon.....poor Bri hoped and prayed you'd knock on our door Sunday evening, but no such luck for him. Missed you guys tons!

Auntie Elaine said...

Great report of a GREAT time!! Looks like it really was one to remember. love you!