Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Better late than never...

Halloween 2010...pretty low key:) Raegan, a butterfly. Evan, a tiger. And they were happy ever after. PS. Is it a crime that Mayci was nothing? She was still happy ever after too:) She slept the whole halloween evening anyway so Im glad I didn't waste the time. Others, Im sure, beg to differ and have huge problems with this. Oh well. Thats me. Take it or leave it...alright!

We enjoyed a day at grandma's, carving pumpkins, making homemade doughnuts....a first and not a last...and enjoying some of Rachels yummy chili and Jamie's unbelievable homemade rolls.

Oh, and we attended my parents trunk or treat! It was fabulous! The end.

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Laci and the Girls said...

Wow, I was almost thinking I was on the wrong blog with that dandy new picture up top. Man, u guys are H-O-T hot! :) And those kids looked adorably cute like always! So, should we start planning for next Halloween right now! haha Loveya!