Wednesday, September 08, 2010

More conversations...

Raegan was talking to herself...playing something...and this is how it went:

EVAN: "Rae, are you talking to me?"

RAE: "No."

EVAN: "Who'er you talking to...your friend?"

RAE: "No."

EVAN: "A honey?"

RAE: "Ya."

EVAN: "But...a gwirl (girl)...a not there?!"

Evan was so confused...she was talking, but nobody was there...not a girl (which is most commonly called a 'honey'...apparently) not a boy...nobody. And she made it clear she wasn't talking to him either. It was pretty classic.

Raegan can't get her helmet on...and this is how it went:

I asked: "What's goin' on...did your head grow?!

Raegan a frustrated manner: "I DON'T KNOW...I'm not upposed to be like a girrafe!"

[head...neck...its all the same]


This one is good. So, we are at Shawn's practice, just running around, and Rae sits down by me...and rips a big one. We laugh. Then she starts to tell me about a girl who tooted real loud in her class. She was laughing so hard telling me this, so I was laughing too.

I thought it was so funny that SHE thought it was funny...when do they realize that's embarrassing.

So...I asked her in laughter...if she ever toots loud in class.

Her mouth dropped open, and she said 'NO! I hold it in then it goes gone.'

I was dying at this point. We were both laughing. Hard. I know...immature. But it was hilarious. So, I kept it going and asked her, 'where did it go?'

She stops laughing and says...'magic.'

WOW. So funny.


Tracie said...


Jamie said...

That's sooooo stinkin' funny! She's great! Love that kid!

Rachel said...

why?! I want to steal them.

Rachel said...

why?! I want to steal them.

St. Julien's said...

Thanks for the giggle! Those kids are amazing, thanks for sharing:) ps lets sign up for gymnastics I am going to look it up right now!!

Laci and the Girls said...

K, I feel like I see these freakin kids daily now and they are STILL soooo funny!! I could eat them! Don't know why but the giraffe killed me.....laughed til I cried. Prob because I can just see her getting so frustrated. Oh and Ev....can totally picture him looking around for a "honey". Classic. And FYI, Cam came home from kinder the other day with lots of tooting stories too. And of course she'd NEVER do that when I asked her if she would. See you soon!!

Arden said...

I hate the word toot! just say fart! love you all too much!a

Auntie Elaine said...

Thanks for the literal laugh out loud - I sure needed it tonight! love and miss you guys!!