Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Long Time...No Blog!!!

Time for a little blogging update. It's been nice to have Dad around a bit more so we've been taking advantage of all the time together. Following are a few of the things we have done over the last month: Mayci was loving the Carpinteria weather and beach. We made it to the beach everyday while in Cali except for the one day we hit up Disneyland. Weather was perfect!!!!
We celebrated 3 birthdays in California. Evan, Farrah and Grandma Trudy. Evan was caught trying to get a little piece of Grandma's special Chocolate Cake.

Farrah' Bday celebration. Seated on the couch is the world's greatest photographer Brion Hopkins. We can't wait to get back some photos from our family shoot. ;)

Aunt Nicole was a crowd favorite as always. Evan is sporting his Brazil jersey in prep for the world cup. :)
Like I said...perfect weather.

Shawn and Grandpa taking the kids out "deep" as they said. No that's not Jaws in the background. We saw dolphins every day we were there which isn't uncommon, and Nicole was able to catch it in a photo.

Hot Grandma Trudy unaware of Mayci's hat.

Raegan with her bud Grandpa Rick!!!!

No better place on earth :)...this is walking distance from the Olmstead's home. Shawn and Nicole played a lot of beach ball and the kids couldn't get enough sand, surf and sun. They would play all day at the beach and then get home and use Grandpa's outside shower and go straight to bed.

More beautiful beach time!!!

Grandpa brought the bird in every night and let the kids chase it around the house.

Evan the beach bum.

Rae Rae.

Farrah... :)

Shawn and a handyman took a day and a half to build the kid's playset and it has definitely been put to good use. Notice the garden and sandbox in the back both pretty much created entirely by Farrah!!!

Disneyland!!! We stayed from 10a.m. to 10 p.m. We went on a Wednesday and never waited more than 20 minutes for a ride. Most lines were 5 to 10 minutes. Weather was in the 60's so not too hot. Kids went on all the rides minus Indiana Jones and Space Mountain. Both Rae and Evan did Matterhorn but Raegan said no to a repeat ride while Evan was pulling Shawn by the hand to go again. He knew when the "monster" would appear from the noise and covered his eyes until he couldn't hear it anymore. FYI...don't take your kids on Mr. Toad's wild ride first cause they may be a little scarred.

Happiest place on earth...really is. We left our backpack on a bench where we ate lunch for over an hour before we noticed it was gone. Shawn ran back to where we were sitting and sure enough it was still there. Good thing especially since it had the car keys.

Shawn dropped off Farrah in Vegas for a weekend with the Olmstead girls to celebrate Grandma's 60th birthday and then he continued on with Evan and Rae to Cali. This is what they did everyday with Grandpa. Good time was had by all. Evan looks like he is in dreamland so happy to be at the beach.

Farrah's garden is going strong. We ate a couple of the radishes already because Farrah was so excited to try something. Can't wait!!!

Sandbox designed and created by Farrah.

We picked up Kaya while in California but didn't want to leave Grandpa empty handed. This is Ruby who is now loving the beaches of Carpinteria with Grandma and Grandpa. She is a year old Red Heeler. Chews now and then but she'll grow out of it. ;) Will swim all day if you let her. We hope they enjoy her.

Raegan caught her first fish on a pre-school field trip with Dad. She was the first in her class to catch one.

Shawn and Evan enjoying an early spring bike ride.


Jamie said...

Those beach pics make me so jealous! I wanna be there!

Arden said...

Farrah can I move in with you? What a great trip you had! Love you guys so much and miss the kids alot. Mom

Crazy Lifferths said...

So much fun! Love it! That bike ride looks pretty unsafe! Is that a backpack???

Olmsteads said...

Just to let you know, we have had June gloom since June 1 the day you left. I can't believe the perfect weather we had for your vacation. Lucky us!!!! We miss you all so much. But we love Ruby:)

Rachel said...

made my day. really. i love your kids and can't wait to see them... and shawn. double date? Maybe next year when I get out of here. :)

Nat said...

wow, lots and lots of fun had by all!! You make me miss the beach.

St. Julien's said...

No wonder we haven't seen you FOREVER!!! You don't need us anymore now that you have that killer backyard of fun o rama!! can we still play sometime I promise to make it worth your while...