Monday, May 03, 2010

A 'Thank You' note

Dear family and friends,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all those who came to support and attend our precious Mayci's baby blessing.


It was overwhelming to have family and friends make such an effort...

friends that drove 3 hours to make it happen,
family (with 2 small kids) that postponed a very long 10 hour drive home to make it happen,
family that pretty much walked out of the ER doors and into our door to make it happen,
mom who came early and left late to make it happen,
sister who is on bed rest (more or less) made food to make it happen,
sister-in-laws who would do anything to make it happen,
family who shared their sweet testimonies to make it happen,
everyone who made even the simplest effort of just taking a moment of their time, of their day, to make it happen,

and mostly, those men, those honorable and worthy men, who stood together, in a circle, arm and arm, as a powerful and protective sheild, to hold and to bless my most precious little Mayci Jo.

Shawn....specifically...who held his baby girl that fell fast asleep in his big arms only seconds before he stood up with her to give her a wonderful and special blessing. Who spoke softly, and slowly, the tender and sweet words that come from that powerful and priceless gift only he holds as the father of our household. Shawn...who sat down after he blessed her, and looked at her sleeping so soundly with overwhelming emotion spilling from his eyes. Thank you Shawn...thank you.

It was a beautiful day...and it would not have been as beautiful if it were'nt for all of you who came to share it with us.

Thank you.


Farrah coming:)


Crazy Lifferths said...

We were happy to be able to be a part of that! I love to see my brother in his most sincere and spiritual time, and that my own husband can be part of that with him! Thank you for having 3 super cute chubby little things! Love them to pieces! Even if Evan was just using us for gum, mints, whatever his little hands could get a hold of! Plus, we made it home in record time! 10 hours total! YIPEE!!! I would do it again in a heartbeat for you guys. XOXO

Auntie Elaine said...

Craig felt so honored to be a part of that special circle. We talked about the beautiful blessing Shawn gave several times yesterday. We too enjoyed all the guests there, it's always fun for us to be invited to your events! So... a 'Thank You' note back at YOU for including us!! We love you lots!

Becca said...

Well Farr, Thank You for making me cry AGAIN for the 5,000 time in my life :) Love you lots. Love your kids lots. Love your blog lots and lots. Abra Cadabra sis

St. Julien's said...

It was a special day. Glad we could be apart of it. Sure like you.

Arden said...

dear farrs, shawns' blessing was beautiful. your dads' for you kids were like that too. it was a great day and i enjoy our visits so much and your friends too. so glad to see craig and elaine and happy you are a part of that fam too. love to all, mom

Olmsteads said...

Ok, I already have felt bad that the "other" grandparents couldn't be there. Now you made me cry with that beautiful tribute. My heart was there and we love you all still the same. It would just be easier if we lived in Utah, but then what would Kaya do for the winter?

Nat said...

She looked beautiful and shawn gave a beautiful blessing!