Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy fathers day...and rachel

well, first, i would like to say to my one and only...happy fathers day. we love you so much and miss you. cant wait to see you. i know you, shawn, i know you hate it when i do this on the blog, but i must say thank you. thank you for being the best dad in the whole my kids. i wouldn't want any other. its a love/hate relationship when the kids ask for you, or miss you, or want you to come home.

i love it because they love you so much and want to be with you, but i hate it because i can sense their true and real longing for you. mmmm, what a relief to know my kids are so loved, by you:) i love you.

and about rachel. well, i have been meaning to post about her for many months now, but i guess i can just connect you to her blog where she has been updating up until now. i just wrote the latest update. please tune in here and pray pray pray.

ps...another note to shawn, and everyone he has fooled. that last update, well, it was his. i love it when he posts and makes it look and sound like its coming from me. what shawn? are you ashamed that you are blogging? well don't be. your quite talented and i must say, you did a real fine job. thank you...for doing that. and dont hate me...for blowing your cover. i love you. so much. good night:)


Laci and the Girls said...

I have to say that watching my little bro father his beautiful kids is something I just love. I love being with you guys so much....the two of you are amazing parents!! Happy Fathers Day to SLO and don't worry, he didn't fool me for a second....I know he secretly loves to blog!! :) His posts crack me up. See you soon!! Love you guys!

Jesse and Kimmie said...

Farrah, I haven't cried that much in a LONG time. What you wrote about your sister on her blog was truly amazing. I'm so happy that things are going well for her and Holden. I had no idea of her situation, but like you said, my heart swelled as I read it. I know she doesn't know me all that well, but if I can do ANYTHING to help? Maybe bring over a meal or something? I would be more than happy to do something. She is very lucky to have a sister like you :)

ryanandginger said...

The blog you wrote for your sister is wonderful. I'm sure she'll be grateful to get all the prayers from your efforts. And we'll take blog updates.... no matter who they are from. Cute pictures. Cute kids.

Arden said...

Shawn, you are a great dad and a wonderful son-in-law. I didn't get cards out this year because of all thecraziness around here. I love you so much and we are so blessed you are in our family. Love, Arden

Olmsteads said...
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Auntie Elaine said... are indeed one of our favorite fathers on this earth....and....just keep on bloggin'. :-) Love you and all the reasons you're a daddy!!