Wednesday, April 07, 2010

a sting in my eye... you have those moments where you look at your kids...
and feel a sting in your eye.

even just those spontaneous moments, where the love is so overwhelming
that you feel like you should just cry.

i'm having a lot of those lately. i feel a sting in my eye often.
when i check on them before i go to bed,
when i see them play together,
when they wake up and run to me to be held,
many moments through out the day.

raegan...she is giving me a sting lately.

she is growing up, and accomplishing those steps you never think your child will reach because in your mind...thats only what big kids do...and your kid will NEVER be a big kid.

well, here are just a few of those steps she is taking in becoming a big kid:

tied my shoes on her feet all by herself

just a face that growing up, a beautiful girl

being the 'biggest in our family'. taking care of her little sister...
not gonna be last time doing that either:)

riding her bike without training wheels

going out on a 'daddy/daughter date'...first of many to come,
but may not be so excited for them the older she gets.
gotta say, she adores that guy, and i think he adores her!

anyway, just want to say to my little, but getting so big, rae...
i love you with my whole heart and more.

your my angel,
forever and ever!

here are some little conversations between rae and ev...they made me laugh kinda hard:

...playing house...

Rae: "do you want to be Jackson or Sam?"

Evan: "Jackson."

Rae: "No, be Sam."
(she only wants him to be Sam because he chose Jackson...happens every time.:)

Evan: "No."

Rae: "Evan, you're gonna be Sam"

Evan: "NO!"

Rae: "Evan, just say K...K"

Evan: "K"
(and then...he was Sam...)

the DS feud:

so, whenever rae is playing the DS, evan likes to watch but rae doesn't let him because supposedly his 'breath smells'. whatever...

she sat down and began playing. evan trotted on by and saw her, so he crawled up beside her and poked his smelly little head right beside rae's , so rae pulled the DS into her chest, out of smelly evan's sight.

evan dropped his head and slid off the couch. defeated yet again, he sat on the ground and said:

"cause my bumb smells, huh raegan."

i could not stop laughing....

bumb...breath, guess its all the same:)


Jamie said...

The DS disagreement happens at our house every day!!! Tyson complains of Brecklyn's breath too. That is too funny! Oh, and I get stings in my eyes all the time. Like when big bro. Tyson walked Brecklyn in to school the first time. Stuff like that just tugs at your heart, doesn't it? Just wait, we both have kindergarteners to send off this fall...

St. Julien's said...

I am laughing hard with you girl!!! Tell Ev I don't think his bum smells. I bet he was doing the blinking eye dramatization when he said that too. LOVE those cuties!!!! Thanks for being my friend this week I love you cuzzles.

Laci and the Girls said...

Please send Ev to me!! He will be the BEST big brother to our little guy coming and noone here will ever tell him his breath smells.....we feel strongly about gum and mints in our fam :) Oh, he really is going to be the toughest kid out there with Rae as his big sis. They are both the greatest ever!! Love you!

Rachel said...

ha ha ha ha. First off, that picture of Rae and Shawn is the cutest thing ever. She makes me smile. for real. just looking at her makes me smile. Evan Evan Evan. Farrah, that kid is one of a kind. I can totally understand the 'sting'. I get one looking at your kids too. Love you farrah.

Becca said...

I get a sting in my eye everytime i read your blog!!! your kids are the cutest. the pic of rae holding mayci, precious. she is gettin so old, its unreal. love you farrs :)

Arden said...

Oh farrs, last is best so there. i'm always just a little behind. rae stings me always. for some reason she is my little buddy. she is so beautiful and you know i have always had a soft spot in my heart for her. i'm tearing up now. i love evans bumb so much too. mayci is such a blessing to our family, so sweet. love you, mom
tell shawn he is so handsome with my little beauty.