Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Worries

(just some random, fun pics)

Shawn read the post I made last night and said if other people read it they may think I'm going to do some kind of danger to myself so I decided I might want to inform anyone who viewed my blog as of yesterday....NO WORRIES. Just one of those moments, ya know. SO, I went to Home Depot to buy paint...and perhaps because of my mood and the lack of sunshine and outside fun, I got yEllOw pAinT for my living room and family room, and I painted them....yellow! What the heck. I have been in some weird funk not being able to decide what colors to put on my walls (yellow never crossed my mind until I was in my car on my way to pick it out), how to rearrange my furniture, how to organize all the toys, ect. I've always felt like I'm a pretty good organizer but I find myself just staring into rooms full of clutter and unpacked boxes not knowing where to start and what to put where. So...I started. I painted one coat last night and I was up until about 1:30am. Hopefully I can get the second coat on tonight and get some things up on my walls. I actually LOVE the color and think it will look awesome with our stuff. I'll post pics once I'm done.

By the way, since I haven't posted since we moved...we moved for all those who didn't know. We are in Spanish Fork and love our new home. Our ward is great so far...175 kids in the nursery! WHAT! ...plenty of little freinds for Rae and Evan...and what's even better is Rae goes to primary ALL BY HERSELF and loves it and Evan has no problem peacing out to nursery (that means I get a little bored in Sunday School without a child crawling all over me). We live right across the new elementary, literally. People that have come over are shocked when they see the crosswalk of the school leads right into my front yard...SO COOL! Parks all around, one right around the corner as well as the school one. Minutes from the canyon and a 12-15 min drive to see DAD. We love it:)

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Holley Family said...

Hey women, I am sitting here at work bored out of my mind and I thought I would catch up on stalking blogs. I just wanted to say; I am right there with you. Some days are just like that and you need to have a moment to yourself. Me, along with many others are hear to listen :) Congrats on your move. I can't wait to see pictures. Your family is adorable, have a fabulous day my luv!