Friday, October 24, 2008

A few good laughs...

So, for those of you out there who think Evan is ALL Hofheins...YOU ARE WRONG! This picture speaks for itself! Knocked knees is what we like to call it around here, and when you watch Evan walk, well, like father like son! So I guess its true, he's just like daddy from the waist down:) The other picture is of Rae's buddy. I find her buddy all over the house in some pretty funny places, this one in particular was sitting there to 'watch me cook'. I find it very amusing to ask her why her baby is where it is only to get that kind of response...totally off the wall. Also, I have to post some pretty funny conversations we've had over the last few weeks, as well as some funny little things she comes up with all on her own...

I sat down on the couch after picking up and sighed. She says: 'Are you tired, honey?' I died!

Rae: I went poo and nobody wasn't up there with me to wipe me
Me: Who wiped you then
Rae: I just only wipe my bum all by myself
UH OH! Poor girl.

Evan sneezed.
Rae: OOOOOEEW! Evan, you just bless you'd on me

My mom was leaving and to keep Rae from wanting to go with her, she said Kobie's coming home from school and I need you to watch her for me. Perfect! Soon enough Kobie walks in and Rae says: Kobie, gramma says I'm gonna watch you K
Kobie: Oh, really
Rae: that cool?
How does she come up with these things!?

In the car waiting for her to buckle up, and I'm getting impatient.
Me: Rae, hurry up, we can't go until your buckled
Rae: I am, mom, just chill
WHAT! My sister was with me and we couldn't stop laughing at that one.

Anytime we are driving around trying to find our destination.
Rae: Mom, are we loosed.

Oh wow. Those are just a few of the MANY things she says that truly make me laugh ALL DAY LONG! I'm with my sisters alot more now, and they keep telling me to write it down, but seriously, I would be writing all day if that were the case. She is so much fun to watch and listen to right now just cause she really learns something new EVERYDAY and it totally catches me off guard as I wonder to myself, 'where did she come up with that' or 'how does she know that word'. Scary! She is growing up so fast and I try to soak it all up, every stage, because soon enough she's gonna be 16 and when she tells me to 'just chill' its going to take on a whole new meaning and I'm sure its not going to put a smile on my face.



farrah... she kills me. I am so glad you are finally writing it down. So funny. I love her. That age is the best!

Nic & Trudi said...

Haha she is hilarious. I'm sitting here by myself laughing out loud. I love how little kids say the funniest things. I can't wait for my own!!

Crazy Lifferths said...

She cracks me up so much! Seriously, I don't think I know any baby that isn't slightly bowl legged (how do you even spell that anyway)?! But...Evi's knees are definitely Olmstead...thankfully I wasn't given those knees!